Best Gift Box Champagne Glass Flute Personalized Monogram Letter C UV Printing 8oz Flute Personalized Monogram C Glasses


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UV Printing 8 oz Flute Wine Glasses Champagne Glasses Custom Drinkware
· [Material]: Glass
· [Capacity]: 8 oz(237ml)
· [Print Technology]: UV(allows colored printing)
· [Print Position]: Single-sided printing
· [Color]: Transparent
· [Type]: Wine glasses set
· [Occasion]: Suitable for daily use at home, school, or office, a perfect gift for friends, perfect for any type of drinking.
· [Care Instruction]: Hand wash only

About this Item
· Sturdy glasses
This personalized glass is made of thickened glass and it's sturdy and firm. The beautiful laser engraving provides special drinkware of your own.
· Lovely gift
Designed glasses are lovely gifts to give, it would be great to create a beautiful wedding gift with these high-quality wine glasses.
· Preserve the scent
These wine glasses are made as standard champagne glasses, which could preserve the best taste and let you enjoy every sip.
· High-quality printing
UV printing technology can fit various materials, the printings of this technology are glossy and scratch-resistant, friction-resistant.

A variety of production factors may cause slight differences between the actual product and the Mock-up, which may be colors, printing position, or size.

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